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Debut single:

‘Till I Can Get To You’,

July 2021

Story behind the song

“This is a song for our times. I wrote it in 2020 in the depths of Melbourne’s long and multiple lock-downs, when the borders were closed and strict travel restrictions were in place. Like many others, we were separated from loved ones, both interstate and overseas, due to the pandemic. Actually, we were even separated from loved ones who live right here in Melbourne with us but who were outside of our 5km bubble. We’re living in unbelievable times! If you’ve been kept apart from loved ones due to the pandemic, then this song will resonate with you.” 



Verse 1: 

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your sweet face 

When we last said goodbye, who knew we’d have so much space 

And if only I’d known what was coming our way 

I would have told you how I felt about you that day 



Stay well and stay safe my love till I can get to you

The borders are closed, the planes don’t fly, and I miss you

A year’s gone by, the kids have grown

The harder I try, the more divides me from you


Verse 2: 

And let’s hold onto hope, and lean into our faith 

God knows when there’s a will there’ll always be a way



The longer it takes, the faster I will run to you 

I’ll picture that moment when I lay my eyes on you



This is the debut release by emerging Melbourne singer-songwriter, Olivia Hope. She teamed up with industry long-stander, Michael Cristiano, who is co-writer, producer and guitarist on the track.

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