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I’m a singer-songwriter from Melbourne (currently settled in the funky northern suburbs). I'm also a mum of three, a wife, a chocoholic, a lover of extra hot chai lattes, and I work for an international development organisation that's on a mission to end poverty.


I recently realised that my childhood dream of sharing my original songs with the world was still very much burning, and I decided to do something about it – it’s never too late, right?!

I released my debut single, 'Till I Can Get To You' in July 2021.  Another three songs followed in 2021/2022 (all available on Spotify/Apple Music).

Olivia-Hope_21.04.2021 -54.jpg

I’ve been singing since I can remember and I wrote my first song, called ‘Dancing In The Pouring Rain’ at the age of 10. It’s a pretty serious love song about dancing in the rain with my grade five boyfriend (his name escapes me).


Apart from the odd Facebook post in recent years, no-one had really heard my original songs until 2021. With most of 2020 and 2021 spent in lock-down in Melbourne, I finally decided to get my music out there and show my kids that you should always pursue your dreams.

Olivia-Hope_21.04.2021 -48.jpg
Olivia-Hope_21.04.2021 -16.jpg

I spent 10 years living in South Africa and singing with a Zulu gospel choir, an experience that changed the way I sing. I unlearned how to sing from the head and learned how to sing from the soul. I also experienced the fact that music transcends language, culture and any other divide.

And as an added bonus, I met my hubby through all of this, as he was a member in that choir. 

Olivia-Hope_21.04.2021 -11.jpg

Photography by Hilary Faye

I draw my musical inspiration from soulful, goose bumpy singers like Alicia Keys, Andra Day, Ed Sheeran, Lauren Daigle, Sam Smith, Adele and Eva Cassidy. So if you like their music, you might like mine too!


Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to catch you soon.

If you’re keen to join me on this journey, please follow my socials, and/or sign up for my mailing list. I'd love to hear from you. 


I can’t wait to share my music with you.


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